W A T E R C O L O R S   by Sue Anne Stager

Vermont, with its' iconic bridges and barns, and serene rural views, lends itself to artists and art lovers alike.   I bring my own particular style to the landscape where I work and live, and that still connotes a happier, simpler time.  This site contains just a few paintings now, as I am certain the selling of an original watercolor on-line is unlikely.  

People have asked for commissioned pieces based on knowing the area and liking my treatment of their particular interest.  Working with individuals and creating the scenes they want most to view every day is what I love doing.  




Please send me an e-mail if interested in seeing more images.  Thank you for visiting....:D

Covered Bridges
Villages, Etc.

                                             Villages, Etc.                                                 



                              Beautiful old architecture and wonderful shops, full of Vermont made products.

                        As I paint, I enjoy wondering what it must have been like to have lived here 100 years ago.

                                            *** Please note that all works are original fine art watercolors. .***

$500.00 ea.
View of Bridge Street shops in Waitsfield from the green. 15 X 22 inches, unframed

Church and State
$500.00 ea.
Flag flies over the Fire House next to the Church in Warren, hometown to Sugarbush Ski Area. 15 X 22 inches, unframed

Church Cemetary
$300.00 ea.
Old Cemetary adjoining Warren Church. There is a lot of history here. 15 X 22 inches, unframed

Hartshorn's Veggie Stand
$500.00 ea.
Hartshorn's fruit and vegetable stand on Rt. 100 north of Waitsfield Village. 15 X 22 inches, unframed

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